The JUKOLUX products have three main homes. The R&D, Sales, Marketing and Corporate decisions are made in Vaasa, Finland. In Vaasa we have the Jukolux office, the company behind all the JUKO products. The actual assembly of the final products happens in Masku, Finland, where Jukova Corporation Oy’s marine market head factory is located. In Yliskulma, Finland we have the pre-production factory for the JUKOLUX products.

Jukolux was founded in 2015 by Ismo Aukee and Sami Gräsbeck. They recognized a need for safer, better and more efficient LED lighting solutions in demanding industrial environments, like the hazardous locations (ATEX markets). During an excessive market research phase the backbone for the upcoming products was created. In 2016, Jukolux agreed on a partnership deal with Jukova Corporation Oy. Jukova’s long history in marine environments and manufacturing would serve as a great foundation, where the upcoming Jukolux production site would be established. During the first seed round, alongisde Jukova also Martti Ehrnrooth invested in Jukolux. Ehrnrooth has a long background in industrial solutions and could be described as an industial titan.

2016 and 2017 were dedicated on product development, finding the best possible components and partner companies. We designed, simulated, tested, re-designed and re-tested our products for thousands of hours. With involving the brightest minds of Finnish industrial scenery, we were able to create two unique solutions for the hazardous environments, the JUKO® LX and the JUKO® HX. These products have received astonishing feedback from the customers and are undergoing product certification as we speak.

2018 will be the year of the JUKO® products. Stay tuned as this story has just begun.

Our vision is to become the global trendsetter in high-end products. JUKO brands will offer superior products in design, functionality and reliability. We see our innovativeness and the correct partners as the key to successfully stand out from the crowd.

A lot more than just a LED Light manufacturer.

Our mission is to create SAFER, BETTER and MORE EFFICIENT working conditions by offering the latest LED and IoT solutions by JUKO brands for demanding environments.


Our passion is to become acquainted with our customers’ and their business. We want to listen and learn from our customer’s needs. We want to understand the complete challenge, so we can offer superior JUKO brand products or solutions.

Choose the best people to work with you.

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