We believe it is the people that make the business. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new talents to add to our team. We offer one of the most exciting working environments with a start up mentality. You get to do it all. Be part of it all. Sometimes we work late, sometimes we don’t. We are always working and always representing the company. For us, there’s no nine-to-five. For us, there’s a trust that a person will do his tasks no matter if he likes to do it from his seaside villa or in our office. As long as we are always striving forwards.

We have a saying here: “We’re about to go and enjoy lunch, the second best part of the day.. What’s the best part then? When we get to come to work.”

Currently none. But as said, we’re always on the look out. Hit us with your CV and open application! Let’s see if you fit our team.

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